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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about the pink Flamingo

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о розовых фламингоThe color of the plumage, pink flamingos depends on the food

Flamingos are omnivores: they eat plants and meat. Shellfish and algae, which they get in ponds that contain carotenes — pigments, which make their feathers pink or orange.

A flock of Flamingo can reach when flying speed up to 56 km per hour. They like to stand on one foot and not feel any discomfort due to physiological adaptation to the supporting limb, which securely fixes the situation. 10. The largest of all types — ordinary (pink), with a length of up to 1.6 m of The smallest gives the name of its type — small, his height barely reaches one meter. At one time lay a single egg. His hatch in turn and females, and males. Appeared after 30 days the bird is called a chick. At first, he has gray or white color, which changes to three years.

The name of birds received from the Latin word flamenco “fire”, which points to their bright color. Flamingos are very beautiful birds that are characterized by red or orange. They have very long legs and long, beautifully curved neck. Their nests they build from mud.

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