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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about the octopus

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие об осьминогах Octopuses are able to change their RNA.

To such conclusions scientists have come, watching the strange animals for a long period of time.

Apparently, this allows aquatic creatures to survive in a complex environment, quickly adapting to even the most extreme situations, in the course of solving all kinds of problems. The level of intelligence cephalopods are superior to almost all the inhabitants of the sea.

Scientists do not believe their own eyes when I seen that octopus and cuttlefish are able to do something that is humanly impossible even in laboratory conditions: the ability to arbitrarily change its own RNA. Complicated procedure effect on RNA is produced in the nerve cells. This gives you the opportunity to promptly rewrite the instructions for using DNA, adapting to changes in diet, changes in temperature, changes of salt composition of water and other factors. The amazing thing about this was that the “rewriting” of RNA yielded more than 60% of protein compounds. While the DNA of the animals remained completely unchanged from generation to generation. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In this regard, scholars have suggested that the amazing ability of the octopus to affect RNA became possible due to the deliberate refusal of the species variability, as it occurs with the whole animal world, including man. For a while, until man evolved from APE to modern Homo Sapiens, octopus remained the same as hundreds of millions of years ago, with confidence allows to allocate them in a very special class of animal life on the planet Earth.

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