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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about hunger

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о голодеBritish experts from the University of Swansea came to the conclusion that abstinence from food increases intellectual ability

The reason for this phenomenon lies in the so-called hunger hormone – Graine, which is synthesized by cells in the gastrointestinal tract.

With prolonged absence of food, its concentration in the body increases with each passing hour, stimulating the emergence of new brain cells and protecting against aging already formed elementary particles.

The effect of the hormone was studied on mice. According to experts, the rodents that ate less and gained a day a minimal amount of calories, showed higher mental abilities than their well-fed relatives. Hungry animals readily learned something new, as well as demonstrating a good memory.

The obtained results only confirm the opinion of many people that they begin to think during lent. According to the researchers, this occurs because the ghrelin starts the process called neurogenesis, which causes brain cells hard to split and form new connections.

Currently, experts collect control group of people aged 20 to 45 years to carry out full-scale research.

Earlier, American scientists have found that malnutrition improves mood and increases libido.

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