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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about global warming

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о глобальном потепленииAmerican scientists came to the conclusion that climate change directly affects the lack of sleep in humans.

Researchers of the University of San Diego said that even a slight deviation from the norm is perceived by the body very hard.

According to forecasts published in the journal “Science and progress”, by 2050 people will sleep for 2 hours less than now.

Sleep deprivation will lead to exhaustion, and further abnormal functioning of the brain. If not to prevent global warming, the consequences will be irreversible. Scientists believe that the climate is not going to kill a man, and man cannot live without the lack of sleep. in the next 30 years the temperature average may rise by 1 degree Celsius, which is already a global catastrophe.

The study’s author Nick Obradovic stressed that to solve the problem of warming now, and it is not necessary to wait, when the human body will adapt to the environment.

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