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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about dogs

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о собакахResearchers of the University of Florida conducted an unusual study, the results of which came to an interesting conclusion.

It turned out that having a pet is extremely beneficial effect on the mental state of the person.

According to scientists, they help owners to relax and escape from stress.

Especially good with the person on a psychological level, dogs interact, but their relationship with the children is more pronounced. The researchers were able to establish that they can distract kids from the pain in stomach and cutting teeth.

In the experiment was attended by 200 families, half of them scientists have proposed to get a dog, and the other to bring up children without a pet. After three months it became clear that Pets help relieve stress and soothe babies.

It is noteworthy that this relationship is reflected in the dogs that you see in children’s wards and behave more cautiously.

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