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Scientists have made a sensational discovery about the Solar system

Ученые сделали сенсационное открытие о  Солнечной системеThe solar system will lose one of the planets.

The solar system in the future will lose one of the planets.

According to scientists, “candidate elimination” could be mercury.

Astronomers believe that in the distant future, the Solar system will be less than one planet. Most likely, this planet will be mercury – closest to Sun celestial body.

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Astronomical observations indicate that the orbit of mercury has shifted from the original position. Scientists believe that this process will continue in the future. In the end, mercury will forever go beyond the Solar system.

Astronomers do not exclude another variant of the disappearance of the planet – the Sun will swallow mercury. This happens at the moment of turning the Sun into a gas giant.

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Unfortunately, in this scenario on Earth will disappear life. But this will only happen in about seven billion years.

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