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Scientists have made a sensational discovery about the Earth

Ученые сделали сенсационное открытие о ЗемлеScientists said that Earth and Mars at birth lost 40% of its weight.

Earth and Mars at birth was how hot that planet has evaporated about 40% of the mass, deprived of the vapors of silicon and metals.

This was reported by scientists from the University of Bristol in the UK.

The “atmosphere” of the Earth and Mars in the early stages of planetary formation consisted of vapors of silicon and metals, and due to the high surface temperatures of the bodies evaporated into space. During these processes, the celestial sphere has lost approximately 40% of the mass. To this conclusion came the British scientists, carefully examining the theoretical process of the formation of planets.

Until now, in scientific circles nobody knows how it looked like “germ” of the planets and how there was a collision, contributing to the formation of celestial bodies. Disagreements arise still and are associated with different isotopic composition of Solar system planets that were formed from the same material.

Using computer simulations of the early Solar system, scientists have tracked possible processes of formation. As it turned out, the future of the planet at the beginning stages of had unstable composition of the atmosphere, which is heated and evaporated into space.

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