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Scientists have made a plan for the colonization of Mars

Ученые составили план колонизации МарсаScientists plan to build a colony on the North pole of Mars.

A team of Swiss scientists has developed a plan for colonization of people of Mars, the moon or any other planet in the Solar system.

Experts from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have designed an Autonomous station for the research colony, which could take a scientific expedition for several years.

First, the team proposes to send to Mars robot for the construction of the foundations of the future colony and the extraction of natural resources – water, oxygen, nitrogen, and building materials. Then, as scientists believe, there will come a time for a flight to the Red planet first colonists who will live there for nine months.

EPFL scientists are planning to build a colony on the North pole of Mars, where, according to the calculations of theorists, are vital natural resources.

“We wanted to develop a strategy based on known technologies and have written a test script so that after 20 years the astronauts were able to go on such an expedition,” says Ann-Marlene Rued, project Manager.

In the main module of the colony, the designers placed all the important for survival and laboratory research things. It adjoins three residential capsules, which will be protected by the air tube. The dome module, resembling a needle, plan to create on the basis of polyethylene fibers and a three-meter ice thickness. The dome will protect the crew from radiation and meteor showers, as well as will keep the pressure constant inside the module.

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