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Scientists have made a new discovery about black holes

Ученые сделали новое открытие о черных дырахScientists have found evidence of “zaimportowane” black holes

vzaimopostavki, with the help of this space are formed supermassive black holes and new galaxies. The Universe turned out to be a large number.

Scientists have found evidence of “zaimportowane” of black holes. Their discovery reinforced the theory about the future development of the Universe.

From galaxies and their associated black holes is a process of constant expansion to large its size.

Astronomers have analyzed the Prox, which recorded a powerful jet that reaches the Earth from space. After that, they found evidence that black holes happening close to the rotation next to each other.

The outgoing wave changed its direction when the orbit of black holes is too close.

Before black holes, there is a complete merger of, first, a double black hole. Then there is their convergence and zaimportowane.

Scientists believe that in the Universe there are many double black holes and then their number will only increase.

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