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Scientists have made a loud statement about the Universe

Ученые сделали громкое заявление о Вселенной68% of the Universe may be a myth.

Adopted by many scientists of the world model allows to describe as “matter” only 5-7% of what surrounds us. On the still unexplored “dark matter” scientists avert 27%. The remaining part of the Universe owns something called “dark energy” — a hypothetical substance that helps scientists to explain some inconsistencies in the universe.

Formulated in 1915, Einstein’s General theory of relativity confused and theoretical physicists, and physicists-practitioners. Until now, scientists used is not a true description and claims, and their simplified and distorted version.

With the advent of space telescopes has made possible the observation of the cosmic structures, which were required to link with the legacy of Einstein. In 2011, a group of physicists even described how the “dark energy” is accelerating the observed expansion of the Universe today. A simplified interpretation of the scholars was as follows: the key space between the bodies, a huge space is “dark energy” that drives these bodies.

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However, scientists Hawaiian and Budapest universities deny the need for such technology. Dr. Laszlo Dobos argues that the cosmos is a foam with large bubbles, the walls of which are galaxies. Inside the bubble – emptiness. Gravitational forces in such “foam” enough that these galaxies were moving, as required by Einstein’s theory of relativity. No dark energy is required and considers Dobos.

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