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Scientists have made a loud statement about the mysterious Planet X

Ученые сделали громкое заявление о загадочной Планете ХMysterious planet X is a “stranger” in the Solar system.

In the United States at the annual conference of the astronomical society astrophysics in Grapevine reported that a mysterious planet X, which is not yet discovered, could have formed in another galaxy and then only to get to the edge of the Solar system.

“It is possible that planet X is a fugitive, captured by the gravity of the Sun. Depending on how was their meeting, planet X could or just to take their place on the outskirts of the Solar system, or to eject one or more planets out of it to clear “living space,” suggested James Vesper of the University of new Mexico in the United States.

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In this case, the size of the Planet X cannot exceed the size of Neptune as a gas giant the size of Jupiter completely rebuilt the Solar system, the researchers note.

However, to test that theory specialists will be able only after it will find itself “Planet x” and calculate its exact orbit.

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