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Scientists have made a loud statement about the moon

Ученые сделали громкое заявление о ЛунеScientists have found out the real age of the moon.

The moon is much older than we thought, scientists have discovered that the nearest neighbor of 4.51 billion years.

The new assessment occurred after the study soil samples delivered by Apollo 14 in 1971.

The moon was formed over 60 million years after the birth of the Solar system — according to a new study. Previously, scientists believed that it happened from 100 to 200 million years after the solar system formed.

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The study was conducted using uranium-lead Dating on small fragments of the mineral zircon that were taken of the samples. These pieces of zircon was not more than a grain of sand, but they write their own story.

This week scientists have also proposed a new theory about how really happened Moon. It actually consists of many tiny rocks. They together formed the satellite, which we know today, scientists have assumed.

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