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Scientists have made a loud statement about life on Pluto

Ученые сделали громкое заявление о жизни на ПлутонеLife on Pluto may be hiding beneath the surface.

Scientists from the University of Washington in the field of earth and planetary arts and Sciences suggest that life on Pluto may be hiding beneath the surface.

Details of the study were published in the Daily Express.

This year the experts found that in the southern hemisphere of the dwarf planet is the frozen ocean, and this has prompted the research workers to the idea that a celestial body could support life.

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Experts analyzed the data of the interplanetary station NASA New Horizons revealed that Charon, a large satellite of Pluto, and one of the small moons of the planet discovered compounds of ammonia, and this, scientists believe, can be evidence of the existence of alien life forms.

The study’s lead author Professor William McKinnon believes that the ocean is ice under the surface of Pluto is a “syrup” made from ammonia, while it is very cold, salty and quite harmful. Astronomer sure that this may not be a habitat for microbes, fish, or other known forms of life.

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The author of a similar study Richard BINZEL of mit, who worked on the confirmation of the theory about the presence of the icy ocean, said that does not claim to be the first scientist who suggested the existence of life on Pluto, but States that all things are possible.

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