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Scientists have made a loud statement about aliens

Ученые сделали громкое заявление об инопланетянахScientists are talking about the presence of aliens among the people.

Ufologists Russia has made the statement which essence is reduced to one: the representatives of the other worlds live in human society. In particular, such a statement was made by the academician of the Academy informationalism and applied UFOlogy Yuri Grigoriev.

UFO researcher considers absurd the claim that aliens are not. As said the scientist, humanity is surrounded by 26th in other worlds, whose representatives are in contact with humans.

According to Grigoriev, the aliens took human form, so we don’t find out. The aliens just gently disappeared among people. They are smarter than earthlings, have a high level of intelligence, and special technology. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The aliens are very careful. This quality, combined with the existing technologies of transformation in people makes representatives of other worlds is almost imperceptible. This may explain the lack of evidence of their existence.

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