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Scientists have made a Grand statement about mercury

Ученые сделали грандиозное заявление о МеркурииMercury is slowly dying.

Scientists have analyzed images of mercury obtained from the interplanetary station Messenger, and came to the conclusion – the planet is dying, its size is rapidly shrinking.

Study of mercury conducted in recent years have given scientists a lot of interesting details about the nearest to the Sun planet. Mercury, for example, 20 times smaller and lighter than Earth, but its density is comparable to earth’s.

The core of the planet is about 85% of its radius. For comparison, the core of our planet is 50% of its radius. Images taken by an interplanetary station Messenger and bore witness to the tectonic activity that existed in the bowels of the planet in the distant past.

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In pictures scientists have discovered a deformation of the crust of mercury, indicating efficient reduction of its size. The decrease of the planet, scientists associated with its gradual cooling. This process takes place for nearly four billion years. During this time, the diameter of mercury is decreased by 5 km.

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