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Scientists have made a Grand discovery about the time machine

Ученые сделали грандиозное открытие о машине времениThe existence of a time machine proved mathematically by scientists from the US and Canada.

The time machine resembles a bubble Alcubierre, which allows inside the spacecraft to achieve superluminal speeds.

But she needs to move on a closed curve, so that the men experienced constant acceleration. The external observer will see two versions of travelers inside the bubble: one time is flowing normally, and another — in the opposite direction.

According to scientists, the work must move along a circular path through space-time.

According to Einstein’s theory, the Universe may exist bremelatonine closed curves which can be produced only if the space-time continuum will bend in a special way, forming, for example, wormholes. And if movement occurs along these curves, it will be able to travel into the future and the past, then returning to the starting point.

Previously was developed a lot of conditions under which the possible occurrence of STS, but in every case of time travel to be impossible.

Stephen Hawking proposed the hypothesis of security, the chronology stating that the attempt to create a closed bremelatonine curves must necessarily lead to the emergence of a black hole. However, the authors believe that there may be a STS, which is not subject to these restrictions.

Scientists have proposed a mathematical model of a time machine called the TARDIS (eng. Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domain in Spacetime).

Although the existence of the time machine, according to the researchers, it is theoretically possible, it remains unknown how to bend space-time.

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