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Scientists have made a Grand discovery about the pigeons

Ученые сделали грандиозное открытие о голубяхPigeons are able to think faster than humans.

Among men a widespread belief that the pigeons is traditionally stupid birds.

However, a recent study was able to prove that this is just a ridiculous misconception because, actually, the thought processes they work much faster. This was proven by experiment behavioral type.

The researchers believe that significantly faster to perform certain tasks pigeons helps higher density of neurons in the brain cells, which cannot be said about the man.

Experts have tested this hypothesis using a single multi-tasking exercises. Participation involved 15 men and as many pigeons. During the experiment, participants had to perform tasks with the most rapid transition to the opposite type to the task.

A detailed analysis allowed to find out what the task and transition to further pigeon spends, on average, a quarter of a millisecond less than human.

The output, in this case, what suggests itself is unique, because it can explain why the intelligence of birds is higher than the average Primate. The brain with a higher density of neurons can work with the incredible human speed.

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