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Scientists have made a Grand discovery about dogs

Ученые сделали грандиозное открытие о собакахResearchers have shown that dogs can read people’s thoughts.

A group of scientists organized a series of studies of behavioral characteristics of dogs. Experts have proven that these animals have not only devotion, but also possess the ability to read the thoughts of his master.

A number of experiments have shown that Pets tend to understand the reality of man. In the experiment, the authors placed the dog and his mentor in different parts of one room. Before the subjects were two identical toys – the animal could see each of them, and the man only one.

When a person gave your pet the command to bring a thing, the dog gave him that toy which was visible to the owner. When man turned away and asked the dog to bring a toy animal provided thing personally chose.

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In addition, dogs are the only animals that can understand the gestures of a human index finger. Dogs can understand the intentions of their masters only on opinion, it is necessary to look for the required thing and the animal itself.

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