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Scientists have made a Grand discovery about birds

Ученые сделали грандиозное открытие о птицахBiologists have discovered how dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Biologists have discovered the genetic mechanism through which perhaps the dinosaurs evolved into birds.

The corresponding study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

According to scientists, the case can be in the CIS-regulatory elements — DNA segments that regulate the expression of genes located on the same molecule. They are not involved in encoding proteins, but control the morphology and other characteristics.

During the study, biologists analyzed the genomes of 48 bird species reflecting the evolutionary development of the class and comparing them with the genomes of other vertebrates.

In the result, it was found millions of regions of the genome that are specific to birds and running as CIS-regulatory elements. In addition, these areas appeared similar. Also probably linked to the development of specific bird features. So, it contains the Sim1 gene is responsible for the evolution of feathers.

Scientists suggest that they played a key role in the development of the peculiarities of birds and contributed to the evolution of dinosaurs.

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