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Scientists have learned, who invented dental instruments

Ученые узнали, кто придумал стоматологические инструментыThe researchers found that the teeth treated ancient dental tool.

Paleontologists have claimed that Neanderthals, which lived about 130 thousand years ago, had some dental technicians.

Scientists discovered in caves near the Croatian town of Krapina teeth in vivo with traces of processing dental instruments. According to researchers, suffering from a toothache, Neanderthal tried to self-medicate, scraping and treating patients of small molars of his upper jaw in something like a toothpick, made of animal bones or solid stem of the plant.

Separately, the researchers note that toothpicks other ancient people at that time enjoyed for a long time — Homo habilis, for example, they did about 1.8 million years ago (and thirteen thousand years ago people did real dental fillings). However, evidence of the existence of such methods Neanderthals still was not.

Toothache and many animals, including primates, but not all are able to guess that this is something you can do about it.

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