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Scientists have learned to erase from the memory of bad memories

Ученые научились стирать из памяти плохие воспоминанияNow sad and unpleasant moments of life can be erased from your head.

Scientists have discovered that certain sounds can trigger disturbing memories. This discovery helped to find a new approach to overcome unpleasant memories from the memory of man.

Biologists from the University of California at riverside investigated the part of the brain of genetically modified mice is associated with sound processing (the hippocampus), and another part of the brain responsible for emotional memories (the amygdala).
The details of this scientific work has been published in the journal Neuron.

So, in the first part of the experiment, the scientists turned to mice on low and high pitched sounds. Simultaneously with the first signal type rodents were beaten by an electric current.

In the future, the mouse, hearing the sound, didn’t move from fright. Then the researchers compared how the brains of mice respond to high-frequency and low-frequency sounds and found that the channel by which the first signal is transmitted to rodents, which electrocuted strengthened, while the other remained unchanged.

At the last stage of the experiment, the researchers included rodents high frequency signals without physical impact, and found that the mouse was no longer afraid.

Researchers believe that the results of this study help to understand how to eliminate some fragments of memory.

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