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Scientists have learned how Sahara became a desert

Ученые поняли, как Сахара превратилась в пустынюGeologist David Wright (David Wright) from the Seoul University found that a person could be one of the main reasons for the appearance of the Sahara desert.

The scientist has analyzed all the evidence pointing to the emergence of pastoralism in the territory of the Sahara desert, and compared them with data on the distribution characteristic for forest-steppe shrub vegetation. Wright found that approximately eight thousand years ago in the areas surrounding the river Nile, there was the first pastoral tribes, and at the same time began environmentally friendly changes. According to the researcher, domestication of animals led to a decrease in vegetation and increase the albedo — the amount of sunlight reflected from the surface.

In turn, this has influenced the local climate, making the rains more rare, reinforcing the desertification process. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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