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Scientists have invented an unusual way to diagnose concussions

Ученые придумали необычный способ диагностики сотрясения мозгаWith the help of sounds we can find a concussion

If a man has received a brain concussion, there is no doubt that the assistance must be provided quickly, so there are no consequences.

However, treatment in the absence of concussion affects as bad as not treated for a concussion and checked for the presence of concussion usually passes quickly and without additional tools. Scientists from Illinois and northwestern University believe that it is possible to use sound to check the brain.

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Under the guidance of Professor Nina Kraus, the team investigated a group of 40 children, who at the time of the study had a concussion, and also created a control group of healthy children. Each child wore three sensors on the head, to measure response to auditory stimuli.

It was found that children with concussion had a response to stimuli 35 percent less than their healthy peers.

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Scientists believe that this is a convenient way to identify concussion here and now, and I think that it is used at sporting events, where athletes check just in case directly on the field it becomes too bad to continue.

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