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Scientists have invented an unusual way of salvation of mankind

Ученые придумали необычный способ спасения человечестваWe are talking about salvation from starvation and deteriorating climate.

Nerd from America Joan Chori knows the way to solve the problem of climate and famine in the Land. The female scientist was awarded the prize in life Sciences, held annually in the United States.

It is noted that Chori has devoted his study more than thirty years of his life. Actually sense her life was the search for new ways, which could increase the yield of plants, which feed people, she also took into account the sustainability (survival) of plants under different climatic conditions.

Now scientific plans to launch his project in which she will work to create such plants that will be sustainable as floods and droughts. She believes that if you create something similar, that humanity will not be threatened by hunger in the case of extreme climatic conditions.

Chori said that, most likely, the plant will remind you to taste the bean. To bring your project to life academic plans with the help of a substance, called suberin. This is essentially a variation of the cork stoppers, which are able to hold within themselves the carbon for many hundreds of years. It is noted that the perennial plants, which contains suberin, will be able to allocate a lot more oxygen and therefore clean the air.

To create this superbacteria the necessary budget in the amount of several million dollars. Chori also urged his colleagues to hurry with the development, as early as the end of this century the temperature on Earth could rise by almost 4 degrees. Once the plant is established, it must be spread evenly over five percent of the agricultural land area is equivalent to area of Egypt.

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Only in this case, plants grown this way will be able to absorb up to 50 percent of all carbon emissions on Earth.

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