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Scientists have invented an unusual method of water cleaning from oil. Video

Ученые придумали необычный метод очистки водоемов от нефти. ВидеоAmerican scientists have proposed a revolutionary method, which will help to clean the oceans from oil products.

To help solve the environmental problem associated with petroleum products, the invention can, looks very similar to little sponges. The fact that they are saturated with a specific liquid.

As a result of processing we create aligence. When you put them in liquid, they develop an insatiable appetite for oil. They quickly absorb it in himself, he said EUFOR darling.

The treatment process that makes the sponge “appetite,” called sequential infiltration synthesis. This technology works on the nanoscale. Atoms of the oxidized metal complex nanostructures penetrate into the fibers of the sponge, giving it the ability to effectively combine with the oil in the water, thus separating the fluid.

So aliorumque can absorb oil from the surface of the water, but under water. Besides, the collected by this method the oil can be used for processing.

Once the oil is lowered below the water surface, the formation of cloud droplets under the surface. I don’t know any other technology that is able to collect oil as Oligova,
– said darling.

Scientists are convinced that such an invention can dramatically change the process of cleaning water from oil products.

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