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Scientists have invented an unusual contraceptive

Ученые изобрели необычный контрацептивNew male contraceptive will creep into the shoulder

After 10 years of research by American specialists are ready to begin clinical trials of a new type of male contraceptive gel local application, preventing the production of sperm.

Clinical trials will begin in April, will last 4 years and will become the largest U.S. study of hormonal contraceptives for men. More than 400 couples will take part in them, and not only from States but also from Britain, Italy, Sweden, Chile and Kenya. Previous large-scale trials conducted in Europe between 2008 and 2012, consisted of injections of hormones every two months, do prevent pregnancy, but caused significant mood swings and other serious side effects.

The new drug consists of two synthetic hormones, progestin and testosterone. Progestin inhibits the production of enough testosterone to normal levels of sperm, and testosterone is needed in order to even out hormonal imbalance.

Contraceptive is made in gel form, which must be rubbed on the shoulders daily. His actions are enough for 72 hours, so even if the man missed one day, do not worry. During the test, the pair will use the drug for at least four months along with some female contraceptive, and scientists — to observe the level of sperm, which should be reduced to less than one million of a millimeter to the risk of pregnancy was negligibly low. Once that happens, the pair will refuse women’s contraception in a year will use only the gel.

This method has proved effective in a six-month study, but the drug was produced in two different gels, which were to be applied on different parts of the body, and specialists of the National Institute of Pediatrics and human development have changed the formula and connected the gels in one. This form is better than tablets because the testosterone leaves your system quickly, but in gel form it longer absorbed by the skin and remains in the blood. However, still remains in question, whether men can use this kind of contraception? Before pharmaceutical companies showed no interest in drugs, but times are changing. The attitude towards them varies from country to country, but, according to a global study 2010, at least 25% of the men agree to try.

A long-term solution of male contraception have experienced in the early years of the primates. It’s non-hormonal means, not causing depression, inflammation of the sebaceous glands or a sharp rise in libido. The gel is injected into the seminal duct and prevents the passage of sperm. Under the action of ultrasound it is destroyed, so that the process is reversible.

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