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Scientists have invented a way to recover forgotten memories

Ученые придумали способ восстанавливать забытые воспоминанияAmerican scientists report that they have learned how to recover forgotten memories, even at the loss of contact between neurons.

A method of memory recovery is the impact on the brain special magnetic stimulator of the activity of nerve cells.

Experts in the field of neuroscience conducted an experiment in which was attended by the volunteers.

In the experiment, they were asked to view slides with different images, and experts monitored the performance of the brain activity and recorded the plots in hippocam that showed activity during the memorization of one or another image, using the MRI machine.

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Some time later, participants were asked to view a few images, focusing on only one of the two.

It turned out that memorizing the first stage was reflected evenly in areas of the brain, and during the second stage, one part of the brain, which remembered the second image, became inactive.Pictures on request, Scientists have learned how to recover forgotten vospominaniyami decided to hold the magnetic stimulation of the part that remembered the second image.

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It was found that under the magnetic influence, the volunteers recalled the image that is not concentrated.

The result of this experiment allows scientists to state that the process of memory involves chemical reactions, and not the result of electric impulses, as it was considered before.

Experts believe that this discovery will not only help to improve the process of human learning, but also can be used for the treatment of brain diseases such as schizophrenia and depression.

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