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Scientists have invented a fire extinguisher inside the battery

Ученые изобрели огнетушитель внутри аккумулятораLithium-ion batteries are used in our gadgets and electric cars, but they often ignite spontaneously, and this is a very big problem today.

Researchers from Stanford have developed a battery that will not ignite spontaneously and explode because it will protect fire mechanism.

By the time scientists from Stanford University have started to develop a system to protect the battery, they already pushed back dozens of ideas that could help, but would cost too much, and studied has already been created, but did not become popular techniques in order to create a truly quality product.

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New system to protect the battery from fire is inside the battery, and if it will be used, then battery life will not return, but it doesn’t burn the house along with the smartphone and will not leave a ragged wound. The essence of the method is that the smartphone is placed inside a syringe with liquid, and if the electrolyte flows out, or if the battery becomes very hot and reaches 160 degrees Celsius, the liquid is discharged from the syringe.

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The researchers say that the liquid with a particular composition is able to break ties in the electrolyte, and to extinguish the fire, if the fire.

The introduction of such a system will cost is not expensive. Now researchers have focused on test systems for large lithium-ion batteries.

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