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Scientists have identified the powers of the “fluff” of a dandelion

Ученые выявили невероятное свойство "пушинок" одуванчика The structure of dandelion seeds more efficient devices invented by man.

Scientists many things peeking from nature, on what basis then are born to genius, for example, “air” design towers and bridges, heavy-duty thread “spider network”, and so on.

More recently, researchers at the University of Edinburgh drew attention to the parachutes of dandelions and compared them with the modern parachutes used by today’s pilots, military, astronauts…

And it turned out that, despite all the modern devices for smooth and safe lowering of a person or cargo on the surface of the Earth, it pales in comparison with the brilliant solution of nature, embodied in the common and widespread plant – the dandelion.

His parachutes with seeds can get in the air for hundreds of meters and cover a distance of up to 900 kilometers. Based on this have long been made (even by German researchers) discovery, a group of scientists in Edinburgh, headed by Dr. Cathal Cummins have created a special wind tunnel in which they could observe, shoot, and then study the flight of dandelion seeds.

Ученые выявили невероятное свойство "пушинок" одуванчика

Videos and pictures showed that the air passing through the bristles of a natural parachute, forms a vortex bubble, which allows the seeds of the dandelion to climb quite high and soar indefinitely long.

Natural design, says Dr. Cummins in an article published in Nature at least four times more the most perfect parachute, invented by man. Of course, parashutistov dandelion has a somewhat different task than that of a parachute man, but on the basis of research conducted by staff at the University of Edinburgh, you can create something useful and to Aeronautics. For example, use of such “vortex ring” in the small drones capable of flying on “porous parachutes” using almost only energy of air flow.

Like the drones, believes the Scottish scientist, can be effectively used, for example, for monitoring air pollution, remote sensing of a particular location – Yes, enough for what purpose…

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