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Scientists have identified the most effective mechanism of weight loss

Ученые выявили эффективнейший механизм похудения The most effective was the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet is quite common, but not many people know what the benefits are. Scientists have described how this way of eating is one of the best.

In order to identify the full range of positive sides of the Mediterranean type of diet, the experts conducted an experiment on monkeys. For some period of time the diet consisted of foods that are part of a considered diet.

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As it turned out, the primates began to feast upon considerably faster and stopped overeating. Scientists believe that a large part of modern food is designed to hunger abated maximum slowly. The Mediterranean diet, on the contrary, nourishes the body rather quickly, therefore, the need for additional calories does not arise.

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Nutritionists point out that the principles of diet will help to maintain health to a ripe old age. The argument they cite as an example a high percentage of centenarians in the countries where this diet is considered normal.

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