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Scientists have identified signs of life after death

Ученые определили признаки жизни после смерти After the death of some cells continue to live for 48 hours or more, as if trying to “fix” the deplorable situation of the body.

Such a phenomenon scientists call “twilight death”.

Genetic expression — the phenomenon, when information written in the DNA is converted into “instructions” for creating proteins and other molecules — continued in some cases after the death of the body, said the post mortem report of the activity published in the journal Open Biology. It briefly presents Live Science.

“Not all cells die when the body dies. Some of them have different periods of life, birth and different resistance to extreme situations,” — says the study’s lead author Peter noble from the University of Washington.

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In fact, some cells, especially stem, continue to live when hope is gone, and trying to fix myself.

An international group of scientists led by Alexei Poidevin, studied fish zebrafish and mice, and suggested that the phenomenon occurs in all animals, including humans.

Transcription — the first stage of the expression in which a segment of DNA is copied into RNA, is associated with stress, immune status, inflammation, cancer and other factors and increases after the death of the body. Such a process may occur over several hours or even days. Interestingly, the transcription of genes related to embryonic development also increases. Like some of the cells try to “go back in time” and display characteristics very early stages of development of the organism.

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At the same time, the researchers note, “step off” the transcription of genes is not a random process. It is precisely when the decomposition process has not yet arrived. Therefore, this phenomenon, scientists decided to call “the twilight of death.”

Explained the experts why, after transplantation of organs from healthy in a person’s life to the patient, the illness of the past does not disappear, and sometimes “captures” the updated on.

The study also raises the question of when a body can be considered dead and whether “delay death” until the molecular processes that underlie cell death have not yet been identified.

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