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Scientists have identified how obesity affects structure of the brain

Ученые определили, как ожирение влияет на структуру мозга At first glance, this relationship is not obvious.

Dutch researchers have studied the link between excess weight and brain activity. It turned out that obesity its structure is changing.

The specialists of Rotterdam and Leiden universities in the Netherlands conducted a study of the relationship between the number of fat cells in the body and changes in the brain.

Scientists believe that excess weight affects the structure of the main organ of the human body. The experiment was conducted bioimpedance analysis, making it possible to establish the level of electrical resistance in different parts of the body. Experts used magnetic resonance imaging, which allowed to determine the processes occurring in the brain, its structure and condition of gray and white matter.

It should be noted that earlier such studies have been carried out earlier, but this time the study of the problem was larger and more comprehensive. In the work took part more than 12 thousand volunteers, whose average age was 62 years. Information about the conducted analysis was published in the edition of Radiology, in an article that when an excess of body fat in men decreases the amount of gray matter.

This process is particularly noticeable in such departments as the thalamus, hippocampus and basal nuclei. These areas of the brain responsible for movement, memory, sensory information and its distribution. These brain areas control motivation and feelings of pleasure.

In the female body overweight reduces gray matter in one of the basal nuclei, a pale balloon. However, the changes of the microstructure of white matter inherent in the representatives of both strong and weaker sex. Reducing the number of gray matter may be a marker of neuronal death, the transformation of the same white substance indicates defects in communication between brain areas.

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