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Scientists have identified an unusual factor that prolongs life

Ученые определили необычный фактор, который продлевает жизньIt turns out that the domestic cat can be extremely useful.

Neighborhood with cats is extremely useful for people, as reported by scientists from the University of Minnesota, USA. They found that living with these animals, people are much less likely to get into the hospital with heart attacks.

Researchers have discovered several advantages from living with a cat. In particular, experts talked about the fact that the specific manner of cat sounds has healing and Wellness effect.

“Cats urchat with a frequency of 25 to 150 Hertz. When sounds of this frequency accelerates the treatment of fractures and repair damaged muscle tissue,” noted the authors of the project.

In addition, according to the researchers, many studies collectively show that a cat’s purr normalizes heart rhythm. Cat owners have on average fewer symptoms of stress, while people without Pets demonstrate most vulnerable to disruptions of the psyche, stated the doctors.

“People who have no cats, 40% more likely to suffer from heart attacks,” said the doctors.

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