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Scientists have identified a previously unknown state of a person

Ученые выявили неизвестное ранее состояние человекаBritish scientists have discovered a third state of human consciousness, in addition to sleep and wakefulness.

In several studies it was found that it is complex and unpredictable.

This study aimed to study the influence of psychotropic substances, and held it for quite some time. Scientists believe that thus will be able to solve the mystery of the phenomenon of human consciousness.

At the moment, the leadership of some European countries has allowed to conduct experiments with illicit drugs. Over the past year, experts have studied the human brain, which is under the influence of LSD, ketamine and psilocybin.

Through these experiments, scientists found the receptor neurons and determined the features of influence of narcotic substances. This helped them to explain certain States and feelings, in particular, hallucinations and so-called “out of body”. The researchers said that after affecting the psyche drugs as the brain can be called a highly organized.

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