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Scientists have identified a new genus of dinosaurs with feathers

Ученые выявили новый род динозавров с перьямиPerhaps the dinosaur looked like this.

Paleontologists from Canada have identified a new genus of dinosaurs with feathers. They got the name Albertaventaor.

The name the lizard was because his remains researchers found in Alberta.

The researchers suggest that albertwenger walked on two legs, was covered with feathers, grows to about two meters and weighing probably about 60 pounds. It is believed that these dinosaurs and ate meat and plants.

Originally, paleontologists assumed that the fossils belonged to dinosauru the troodon, which is characterized by a large volume of the brain compared to his body. However, after analysis of the bones came to the conclusion that this is a different kind due to its short and more robust skull.

“Thin bones of these small feathered dinosaurs are very rare. We were lucky to find the most important part of the skull, which allowed us to allocate albertwenger like-new appearance. We hope to find a more complete skeleton albertwenger in the future, as this will allow you to learn much more about these interesting animals,” said Dr David Evans of the Royal Ontario Museum, who led the study.

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