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Scientists have found what is causing powerful earthquakes on Earth

Ученые выяснили, что является причиной мощных землетрясений  на ЗемлеJapanese scientists were able to prove that the Sun and Moon can provoke powerful earthquakes on Earth.

A particularly pronounced dependence becomes during periods of full moons.

To obtain such data had to perform a huge amount of factual material for several years, during which were analyzed the relative position of the planets, Central star and tectonic activity in different parts of the Earth. The result was obtained convincing evidence that the conditions of the location of the Sun and moon relative to the Earth can cause changes of the earth’s crust, which leads to powerful upheavals on the surface of different amplitude.

One example, according to Japanese scientists, was the case in the Indian ocean in 2004 caused a huge tsunami, which in turn brought numerous permissions and suffering of the inhabitants of the coastal regions. This large destructive earthquakes occurred during the period of high solar activity.

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Simultaneously, it was observed that it is especially dangerous for earthlings coincidence of the motion vectors of tectonic plates and the moon. In this case are particularly strong earthquake with a huge number of casualties and widespread destruction. Japanese researchers hope to bring all the data into a single picture, allowing in the near future to create a package for the prediction of place and intensity of possible vibrations of the earth’s surface depending on the matching factors of location of the Sun and moon, and the activity of the latter. Will it have anything, time will tell.

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