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Scientists have found unusual information about Neanderthals

Ученые выяснили необычную информацию о неандертальцахMedical practices of the Neanderthals enabled them to survive even after severe injuries.

Scientists from Yale University said that medicine of the period of the existence of Neanderthals were so advanced that allowed them to survive even after severe injuries. The researchers made their conclusions after analyzing the remains of 35 of the Neanderthals.

“Neanderthals faced various threats, including with large, dangerous carnivores. We used to see them as tough, strong creatures and not wondered how they coped with injuries. Among the considered samples, we noticed many cases of recovery after different types of injuries. For example, met individuals with a broken leg. This means that other members of the commune had not only relieve pain but also to redistribute the responsibilities to take care of the patient, so that he could again in the future to participate actively in community life,” – said penny Spikins of the Archaeological Department of the University.

It is noted that the conditions of life of the Neanderthals had not contributed to the development of pathogens, so they rarely had to fight infections. However, during the hunt increases the risk of open wounds. Communities of Neanderthals consisted of a small number of individuals, therefore, their survival depended on each of them. This meant that the development of medical practices in need of improvement.

The researchers found that Neanderthals cleaned the wound, connecting the broken bones and attended the birth. The pelvic bones of women and head of newborns is partly correspond to those dimensions that have the modern people, so, according to experts, without outside help, they would hardly have survived. This discovery shows that Neanderthals medicine was primarily of practical importance, not ritual.

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