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Scientists have found the true origin of Bigfoot

Ученые выяснили истинное происхождение йетиNo one had expected.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo analyzed samples of skin, teeth, bones, feces, and hair of the Yeti, found on the Tibetan plateau and the Himalayas. Experts concluded that it is likely the justification of the origin of the Bigfoot from a bear.

According to all assumptions, Bigfoot refers to “distant relatives,” the representative of the Asian black bear, Tibetan brown or Himalayan brown bears. There is another variant of the origin of dogs.

Voiced research was led by Dr. Charlotte Lindqvist, who said that all the evidence points to the possibility of determining the biological basis of the legends of the Yeti, one of the subspecies of the local bears. Studies have shown that the ability of genetics to the solution of other similar problems.

The doctor claims that the results of previous works, based on simple genetic analysis has not solved a number of the most important issues.

The available data show the species of Tibetan brown bear has a pedigree that is close to the Eurasian and North American relatives. And the Himalayan brown bears represented an evolutionary line that does not Jive with other representatives of the bears.

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As the scientists told, a similar split occurred about 650,000 years ago.

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