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Scientists have found the true cause of the climate change on Earth

Ученые нашли истинную причину изменения климата на Земле Researchers believe that the reason lies not only in volcanoes.

Scientists said that volcanoes can change the climate is not as straightforward as previously thought. Volcanic eruptions may cause the decrease and increase in temperature.

American scientists have found that the volcanoes because of the large quantities of ash after the eruption cause the glaciers are melting even faster. It became known that in contact with even a small particle of ash on the glaciers from the ice decreases the ability of light reflection and sunlight accelerate the thawing.

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Thus, according to scientists, formed the Baltic sea, since it was previously a small lake. To such conclusions they came after studies of silt on the sea bottom, which consists of volcanic ash, which accumulated at different times.

Scientists have noted that when one of the eruptions, the temperature in the area around the Baltic sea has decreased by a few degrees, but the water level increased due to the melting of glaciers.

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Thus they concluded that the surface temperature of the planet may fall due to aerosols that go into the Earth’s atmosphere after the eruption, and the ash that settles on the glaciers, makes, regardless of the temperature of the glacier to melt.

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