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Scientists have found the remains of a giant pterosaur

Ученые нашли останки гигантских птерозавровThe giant pterosaurs were the apex predators of their time.

In the heart of Transylvania by a team of researchers from the UK and the Netherlands have found some fossils of unknown creatures.

Giant Hatzegopteryx, or pterosaurs – huge, muscular reptiles that have been able to eat prey the size of a large horse.

In one of the scientific journals of England published an article, which was prepared by the team of researchers. It describe the fossils are of universal attention the photos and tell what these animals were like.

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The remains of the pterosaurs, as a rule, pointed to the fact that the animals had long legs and neck. The sizes varied very much – their size could achieve as a jet fighter and a small Sparrow. The found fossils so it can be assumed that animals had a strong wingspan and, quite likely, the muscles of the legs, weighing up to a quarter tons.

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The last found remains dated to the late Cretaceous period (about 70 million years ago).

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