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Scientists have found the explanation of the wonders of the

Ученые нашли объяснение древним чудесам

Any mention of anything supernatural, miracle causes an uproar in the scientific community, where it is believed that any miracle can be explained from a scientific point of view. A purely scientific and pragmatic explanation scientists gave some historical events described in ancient Chronicles and qualified as a miracle.

The Bible describes the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt through the Red sea, according to comandir.com. The sea, at the behest of a higher power stepped aside, conceding to Moses and the Jews. And when the Egyptian soldiers rushed after them, closed again. So the legend goes. Scientists have long believed that the Bible described events just a figment of the imagination of authors, got a confirmation the described case parted the Red sea. At its bottom were found the skeletons of about a thousand soldiers in full military gear. Scientists are skeptics gave such an explanation for those things in ancient times: in shallow marine strong wind dispersed the water, and the Jews crossed the sea. Then the wind died down and the Egyptian soldiers drowned, unable to pass.

Analyzing the state of the ruined walls of the ancient city of Jericho, which according to legend, fell the sound of trumpets, the researchers came to the conclusion that the walls were destroyed by a severe local earthquake. After all, the walls had traces of battering machines, there was no trace of the tunnel.

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Described in the Bible Sodom and Gomorrah has long been considered generally non-existent fictional cities. But archaeologists had found the collapsed two cities, similar to the biblical description. And destroyed they are, it seems, was a fire and brimstone coming from the heavens. However, scientists found a record of a local astronomer about a huge meteorite approaching the cities, concluded that the heavenly guest, and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

An interesting explanation of Moses getting water from a stone, suggested the researchers. Near mount Sinai is full of limestone cliffs. In these rocks contains a huge amount of water. Moses had just struck, punching the tale that water flowed.

Scientists did not want to acknowledge the existence of the tower of Babel. They assumed that ancient people could not build a building such unbelievable height. But stumbled during the excavations of the ziggurat of Etemenanki, which was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt, the researchers were forced to admit that maybe the ziggurat is the tower of Babel to get to heaven.

Recently, scientists have debunked the myth of the Oracle of Delphi. The high priestess of the temple of Apollo the Oracle could predict the future and often talked to by the God Apollo. Carefully examining the Delphic temple, archaeologists found that it is near the cleft in the rock, from which a pair of ethylene gas. He is known as the drug that causes the state of trance and euphoria.

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But there are mysteries and wonders that even science cannot explain. One of these unexplained mysteries are dragons. These mythological creatures are in the legends of almost every people. Properties of dragons from different places of the planet was also similar: they fly; breathe fire; it had scales that would be impossible to penetrate with spears and arrows, and heads, chopped off in battle, grow them again. Judging by such similar descriptions, it would be possible to accept the existence of these amazing creatures. But where they suddenly disappeared; why never found their remains. It is a mystery that is not solved.

To the unsolved mysteries may also include the stigmata of the believers; the phenomenon of the resurrection of Christ; stone Henge; Atlantis. The very emergence of our Universe, the appearance of people, their development – that is the miracle of miracles, which has no scientific explanation.

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