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Scientists have found the details of the death of the milky Way

Ученые выяснили подробности гибели Млечного ПутиGalaxy will collide with its neighbor.

The milky Way belongs to a large group of galaxies known as the Local group, and together with the galaxies Andromeda and the Triangle is also called M31 and M33, respectively – is most of the mass of the group.

Astronomers have long predicted that Andromeda will one day collide with the Milky way, completely changing its appearance. However, three-dimensional motion of galaxies in the Local group were unclear, giving an uncertain picture of the future of the milky Way.

“We needed to explore the movement of galaxies in 3D to reveal how they developed and what has influenced them and shaped the features of their behavior,” noted lead author Roeland van der Marel of the Research Institute for space telescope in Baltimore, USA.

Currently, the Andromeda galaxy and galaxy Triangle are close enough to each other so they can interact. However, in the future they should leave.

In the study, researchers found that the collision of our galaxy with Andromeda won’t happen in 3.9 billion years and 600 million years later. And it is not head-on but in the format of a rolling strike.

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