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Scientists have found the dangers of global warming in California

Ученые выяснили, чем грозит глобальное потепление КалифорнииAmerican scientists have conducted studies and came to the conclusion that global warming seriously threatens California.

This region may lose most of its beaches if global warming will not be suspended. They will be just flooded. According to scientists, it is necessary to look for ways to reduce the amount of emitted greenhouse gases. Otherwise the consequences can not be avoided.

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Scientists regularly observe the sea level in California. It is growing annually by 50 millimeters. The growth is accelerating all the time. Now the sea level is growing 40 times faster than it happened in the last century. If the level of greenhouse gas emissions will remain the same, the great glaciers will have time to melt. This will increase the volumes of sea water and flooded areas of California beaches. Lost fully two airports of international format, with thousands of homes in which people live.

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But researchers note that the situation can be even more serious. After all, if global warming will begin to attack faster, and all problems will worsen

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