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Scientists have found that will kill all life on Earth

Ученые выяснили, что убьет все живое на ЗемлеIt turns out that the Apocalypse is near.

Antarctica is threatening the world with anomaly, which will lead to the Apocalypse. It is able to eliminate all life on Earth.

This anomaly is located under a huge layer of ice. It emits gravitational waves that can easily destroy the Earth. The region with the anomaly located in the Eastern part of Antarctica, where about 10 years ago, the spacecraft discovered a giant crater more than six hundred kilometers in diameter. Scientists report that this area is a huge asteroid crashed into the planet millions of years ago. Near the crater specialists could find ancient microbes that have not yet been seen in any area of the Earth.

Also considered another hypothesis regarding this area of Antarctica. For example, scientists say that under a huge layer of ice is the base of an extraterrestrial civilization. Newcomers are often able to prepare a plan of attack on the earthlings.

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