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Scientists have found that rats are able to “smile” ears

Ученые выяснили, что крысы умеют "улыбаться" ушамиExperiencing the joy, rats relax the ears and turn them back.

Scientists said that rats transmit positive emotions not a smile of the lips, and with the help of ears.

The researchers ‘ findings were published in the journal PLоS One.

As scholars have noted, to the study of the behavior of rodents have focused on their response to negative factors. In particular, it was found that the suppressed animals do not interact with their neighbors and less inclined to explore the surrounding area. Positive emotions understood by scientists much less. Now, researchers have studied the reaction of 15 experimental animals on the tickling.

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It has been known that rodents respond to it quite positively: they make joyful sounds and keep coming back for more tickling. In the course of new observations, it was found that rejoicing, rats relax the ears and turn them back and through the hair appear brighter vessels that flows the blood.

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