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Scientists have found that obesity increases the risk of cancer

Ученые выяснили, что ожирение увеличивает риск возникновения рака It is recommended to lose weight and to eat more vegetables.

Staff members of the world cancer research Fund analyzed the case histories of over 50 million patients and concluded that obesity increases the risk of not 9 types of cancer, as previously thought, and 12.

Scientists stressed that a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition can reduce the risk of this cancer in 40% of cases, reports Actual news.

Link cancer and obesity is rarely disputed by any scientists. On the contrary, every year it is more and more evidence, and a list of the types of cancer that cause problems with excess weight, increases. So, this year, added to cancer throat and mouth, digestive and urogenital systems.

In order to reduce the risk of cancer, experts recommend eating more fruits and vegetables (their daily rate is 400 grams), beans, whole-grain products. Excluded from the diet, should be subject to the alcohol, drinks with sweeteners, processed foods and fast food.

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