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Scientists have found out, what people prefer mosquitoes

Ученые выяснили, каких людей предпочитают комары It turned out that the “palatability” of a person to mosquitoes can be genetically determined.

A collaborative group of German and American scientists has discovered a set of human genes, which is responsible for “taste” for blood-sucking. For this reason mosquitoes always know exactly which person they would prefer.

It is no accident in life, for example, spouses are surprised to find that mosquitoes bite only in the night a woman (or man), although the couple sleeping in the same bed. The researchers found this not only interesting feature of the “relationship” of man with mosquitoes, but that this “attraction” for insects is inherited from parents to children, that is more than 60 percent dependent on genetic factors.

Such a study will allow scientists a more differentiated approach to the development of repellents against mosquitoes and their bites.

On the other hand, such discoveries expand our understanding of the world around us, proving for example that they are not primitive creatures, even mosquitoes, not to mention the bees, the ants, which have great collective wisdom.

As people tell, for example, for a long time, living in houses infested with bugs, even these primitive blood-sucking sometimes just amazed by their intelligent behavior. So, homemade bugs somehow throwing out sporadic attacks in the home, for example, once a month, in other days you can sleep peacefully. But it is necessary in the house to spend the night guest, as he provided terrible night: bedbugs pounce on a new victim and work all night, as they say, in full.

By the way, in Soviet hostels, students sometimes tried to deal with bedbugs, installing, say, an iron bed in the middle of the room legs in cans of water. It would seem that way to the victim of bloodsuckers has been cut off. There it was, bedbugs chain went to the wall, then the ceiling to the place where stood the bed, and then fell asleep and began as a feast to the amazement of the man who woke up, turned on the light, understanding how bedbugs have him wrapped around her finger, and was surprised scratched “turnip” – Ah Yes, the insects, and of the shrewd…

And say then, that insects have no reason, not to mention the other amazing abilities, for example, those that have mosquitoes, it is easy to determine which person is most “delicious”…

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