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Scientists have found out, what children often are born in the winter

Ученые выяснили, какие дети чаще всего рождаются зимойScientists say that most lefties are born in winter.

It has been tested on the example of 13 thousand volunteers. Yet the official conclusion scientists do not give. They’re checking the facts and trying to explain them.

Scientists say that almost all of the lefties who were among the volunteers were born in late autumn or winter. Scientists have tried to explain this phenomenon. They suggested that mothers who wore their children in winter, a few are in the sun. As a result, they have produced less vitamin D. This is one of the factors which lead to the fact that the baby is born in the spring.

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Another hypothesis is that fetal development is affected by the level of testosterone in a woman’s body. If it’s too much, the child may have problems with normal development, especially mental. That is why the body begins to use the second hemisphere. This gives him the ability to compensate for problems with hormones and the baby is born healthy.

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All that scientists have yet to verify. This they are doing now.

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