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Scientists have found in the permafrost for millions of tons of hazardous substances

Ученые нашли в вечной мерзлоте миллионы тонн опасного веществаThe researchers analyzed 13 samples of ice, taken in Alaska

Scientists from the U.S. Geological survey found that in the permafrost of the Northern hemisphere have accumulated, 793 million pounds of mercury. Melting ice caused by global warming will lead to release of toxic metal in the environment and global ecological disaster.

Earlier, no less an authoritative scientific journal The Journal of Geology, wrote that the Earth survived the fiery Apocalypse.

Permafrost contains natural mercury, which comes from the atmosphere and binds with organic matter in the soil. Subsequently, the soil particles freezes into ice.

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The researchers analyzed 13 samples of ice, sampled in Alaska in the period from 2004 to 2012. The obtained data were compared to the results of the analysis of 11 thousand samples of tundra soils around the world. It turned out that the permafrost contains 10 times more natural mercury than was released into the environment by anthropogenic activities over the last 30 years.

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A large amount of metal that is being released by the melting ice, will be transformed into methylmercury – a toxic compound that accumulates in the body of living beings and causes severe disorders, including Central nervous system.

Earlier, scientists made incredible finding about how the Earth dies.

And in the middle of last year scientists said that in 50 thousand years on Earth will come a new ice age.

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