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Scientists have found in space, the stocks of alcohol

Ученые нашли в космосе запасы спиртаScientists have found in space a ring of gaseous alcohol.

A group of scientists studying space through a combination of radio telescopes in Chile, discovered a ring of poisonous alcohol in the protoplanetary disk surrounding the star TW Hydra.

The details of his discoveries in astrophysics outlined in an article published in the edition of Astrophysical Journal Letters.

TW Hydra is a young star aged about 5-10 million years. How did you find the researchers, from her more than 30 times the distance from the sun to the Earth, there is an accumulation of methanol, a Monohydric alcohol with poisonous properties.

This substance is in gaseous state and could be released by melting ice, which gradually closer to the star. Interest in the methanol, researchers explain that it can serve as a tool for the synthesis of many organic molecules. Similar processes, according to the researchers, caused the origin of life on Earth.

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